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5 min read
Dominik Conrad
William Wong

Microsoft 365 Apps (formerly known as Microsoft Office 365 Apps) is the most common office productivity suite installed by customers in their Frame environments. While Microsoft 365 App installation on physical laptops/desktops and persistent virtual desktops is straightforward, Frame administrators need to perform an additional configuration step to Microsoft 365 Apps once they have been installed in a non-persistent Frame account gold image.

7 min read
Stefan Gajic

Azure AD Conditional Access (CA) rules can be implemented to provide an additional layer of security by integrating with the virtual machines (VMs) deployed by the Frame orchestrator. Administrators can define conditions that must be met before users can access certain applications and/or resources. By combining consistent IP addresses with Azure AD CA rules, organizations can better safeguard their VMs and protect against potential security threats.

11 min read
Dan Simmons

The following documentation will cover the implementation of the SentinelOne (S1) antivirus (AV) solution with Frame. We will cover two main areas of S1 integration.

  • The Console
  • The Agent

We will focus on how to deploy SentinelOne antivirus to a Frame DaaS/VDI environment and how the items mentioned above can impact Frame鈥檚 normal operation. In this guide, we will review the console and main areas of focus relevant to Frame and provide a set of detailed steps to take when integrating S1 with the Frame Platform. This guide will also cover any known issues to date with S1 and the Frame Platform, with recommended actions (where applicable) and troubleshooting steps.

20 min read
Dan Simmons

Microsoft FSLogix is a set of solutions that enhance, enable, and simplify persistent and non-persistent Windows computing environments. FSLogix solutions are appropriate for virtual environments in both public and private clouds. Additionally, FSLogix can enable greater portability of computing sessions.