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Auto-deployed SGA

Administrators need to schedule a maintenance window to upgrade their SGA VM(s) and contact Nutanix Frame Support to upgrade their auto-deployed SGA. Provide support with the list of Frame accounts associated with the SGA you wish to upgrade and coordinate a maintenance window with scheduled downtime when the upgrade process will be executed.

Manually Deployed SGA

If you wish to manually upgrade your SGA, start by following the SGA Installation instructions to deploy and configure your new SGA VM. Once you have completed the SGA Installation, contact Nutanix Frame Support and provide support with the SGA version and list of Frame accounts that are using the newly configured SGA. Support will then update the SGA configuration details within Nutanix Frame control plane to ensure the upgrade is complete.


Initiating an SGA upgrade is expected to take up to an hour depending on the infrastructure your account is using, infrastructure traffic, and other variables.