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· 11 min read
Ruben Spruijt

Sustainable Computing with Nutanix Frame

In this blog post, we'll delve into a customer use case that showcases the advantages of reusing legacy hardware alongside modern lightweight operating systems, such as IGEL OS, Stratodesk, Unicon, and Google Chrome OS Flex. To deliver a cutting-edge virtual desktop experience to any device with just a browser, we leverage Nutanix Frame Desktop as a Service.

· 8 min read
Ruben Spruijt

Ruben's EUC Industry Bento Box

Welcome to the first ever EUC Bento Box!

The EUC Bento Box is a monthly selection of relevant and interesting content, curated by yours truly, designed to be easily digestible as a way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the EUC industry. Inside the bento box, you will find a variety of articles, blogs, white papers, videos, best practice guides, and more, including a short summary/description to help you maximize your learning with minimal reading! Whether you're an EUC geek, a seasoned professional, or just starting out, we hope the EUC Bento Box has something for everyone.

Let's dive in!

· 14 min read
Ruben Spruijt

DaaSLikeAPro 2023

Whether you are just looking to get started with Desktop as a Service (DaaS) in your organization or you are a seasoned DaaS veteran, I highly recommend checking out the latest EUC State of the Union (2022 - 2023) white paper put together by the team (including yours truly) at DaaS Like A Pro.

· 8 min read
Ruben Spruijt

Welcome to Part 3 of the “Top 5 DaaS Mistakes and How to Avoid Them” series!

While customers would love nothing more than to consume virtual apps and desktops as a commodity service, the truth is that even in 2021, there are a number of design considerations that ultimately determine whether your Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) implementation is successful or not.

To paint the bigger picture, the following topics have (and will) be covered in this blog series:

In this blog post, we discuss the concept of data locality--what it is, why it's important, and how to avoid mistakes regarding it as it relates to designing, and implementing your DaaS environment.

· 6 min read
Ruben Spruijt

Microsoft® (FSLogix) Application Masking is a great product to use with Nutanix® Frame Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. Application masking makes centralized image management even easier by hiding the applications based on conditions. With Application Masking, you can install all the applications into a single Frame™ sandbox and then provide access to these applications based on conditions such as group membership and many other options. The benefits are fewer master images, the ability to hide applications when publishing full desktops, and the ability to control application license usage.

· 12 min read
Ruben Spruijt

“I love Windows User Profiles, said No One, ever”

Although introduced over 25 years ago, user profiles are still a fundamental part of today's physical Windows PCs and virtual desktop and application solutions. Check out this blog to learn the foundation of Windows user profiles, the pros and cons of different profile solutions, and how to leverage them with Nutanix Frame to deliver the best user experience.

· 2 min read
Ruben Spruijt

For me, end user computing (EUC) is more than just a transformative technology. I find it personally gratifying to see so many customers, partners, competitors, friends, and even my own 3 kids getting work done and succeeding with EUC solutions. I love listening to their challenges, guiding them with advice, and sharing insights on how EUC is developing and can help them meet their goals. EUC is HOT and is leading the way!

I recently put all of this and more into my EUC Vision keynote talk for the EUC Tech Summit, the zero-fluff event designed by and for EUC geeks and visionaries. I talk about how EUC is changing how we Get Work Done, especially in light of recent EUC technology developments. I talk about how we are moving towards “Workspace 2025” and also lay out the Nutanix EUC vision for getting us there. My keynote, as well as all of the other sessions from the Summit, are now available on-demand.

· 10 min read
Ruben Spruijt

Welcome to Part 2 of the ‘Top 5 DaaS Mistakes and How to Avoid Them' series! While customers would love nothing more than to consume virtual apps and desktops as a commodity service, the truth is that even in 2021, there are a number of design considerations that will ultimately determine whether your DaaS implementation will be successful or not.

If you haven't had a chance to read Part 1, where we covered the topic of Sizing and Optimizing Workload VMs, be sure to check it out by clicking here!

For Part 2, we are focusing on the topic of Single User vs. Multi-User workload models!