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· 9 min read
Jake Norman

Exploring the Intricacies of User Settings Preconfiguration

Scenario: As an administrator, you are providing applications to your users through Frame’s desktop experience, application experience or any hybrid of both. Some of these applications are client-server applications and have input requirements on a per-user basis, such as server name, etc. You want to remove the extra complexity of manually entering this information from your end users experience. With Frame, how can you accomplish this?

This blog series centers around Frame Image Management. Image Management is “How do I set up my environment in the most optimal way, to minimize the number of images I have to manage?”. Part 1 of this series covered how to onboard and configure SaaS applications, while Part 2 covered how to install persistent applications in a non-persistent environment. This blog will cover another common virtual desktop use case: how to preconfigure user-specific settings for all users from the Sandbox.