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· 8 min read
David Horvath

Nutanix Frame® Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) has long supported private network workloads via the implementation of a Streaming Gateway Appliance (SGA). On public cloud infrastructure, this capability can be automatically deployed upon account creation. As a part of this process, the Frame platform creates a Network Address Translation (NAT) Gateway to ensure that the workloads have a way to communicate back to the Frame control plane residing on the Internet. When deployed, this NAT GW does not provide network administrators the ability to control or restrict the outbound web traffic of the workloads. By combining an autodeployed SGA with Amazon® Web Service's (AWS) Network Firewall solution, a network administrator can get fine grained control of the outbound web traffic for Frame-managed workloads and still allow them to contact the Frame control plane. This blog will demonstrate how this can be done.