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Ā· 6 min read
David Horvath

FrameĀ® Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) provides a detailed scheduling capability to ensure that Frame accounts are able to deliver just-in-time production capacity while minimizing the additional cost of having idle cloud capacity. However, Frame does not currently have the built-in feature to alert administrators when an existing production pool is running out of provisioned capacity. This might lead to users not being able to connect to a session because all of the VMs in the production pool are in use at a moment in time. This blog will demonstrate how the Frame Admin API can be used to monitor the actual number of concurrent sessions and send a message to a SlackĀ® channel when the number of active sessions reaches a certain percentage of the provisioned capacity of a Frame production pool.

Ā· 10 min read
David Horvath

Cloud-based infrastructure has empowered IT managers with the ability to provide their users with virtually unlimited on-demand compute and storage resources from datacenters across the world. Successful capacity management is key to balancing the cost versus user experience equation. Running and pre-provisioned machines make for quick connections for users, but also consume infrastructure costs by keeping the cloud meter running.