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· 5 min read
Dan Simmons

It's Frame time! (cue Time) This blog addresses the importance of time setup for an AHV-based Nutanix cluster supporting an on-prem Frame deployment. Anyone who has experience with or presently supports Nutanix clusters knows the importance of an accurate NTP time setup and recommended time configurations. If you are new to Nutanix cluster configurations in relation to time setup, please see the links at the end of this blog for more reference.

Time is a crucial factor when deploying Frame workloads on a Nutanix cluster. If not configured properly within the cluster and infrastructure components, it can prevent the Frame control plane from properly connecting to an on-prem cluster (due to Frame's cloud-based services and the on-prem setup mechanisms). For example, the one-click setup wizard in Prism Central and the Cloud Service account orchestration in the cloud will fail if time is not properly configured.

· 3 min read
Ruben Spruijt

In May of 2018, we announced Frame on AHV for deploying, running, and managing virtual desktop and application workload on Nutanix AHV - all still orchestrated from the Frame cloud backplane.

One of the core values of Frame is the ability to support workloads in multiple clouds, including public clouds with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and on-premises powered by Nutanix AHV. It wasn’t a surprise that our customers started adopting Frame with AHV in volumes in a very short span of time. But we were impressed to see how many customers have also embraced a hybrid cloud model, with some workloads on-prem and some in the public cloud.

· 4 min read

Xi Frame is a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform built for cloud deployment. It has the ability to provide desktops in a matter of a few minutes on the cloud platform of your choice. With the single cloud-based control plane of Xi Frame, customers can run workloads not only in public clouds but in their own on-prem private clouds powered by Nutanix infrastructure running AHV.

So with the ability to create and manage on-prem workloads with Xi Frame, you get a public cloud-like experience on your private cloud. That’s what the Nutanix vision has always been about. And with the ability to manage both public and private cloud workloads in exactly the same way, we’re also delivering on our mission of enabling enterprises with hybrid cloud capability.