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Why End User Computing is Exciting!

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Ruben Spruijt

"If you're grateful it's hard to be grumpy" is a quote that helps me to stay focused on the good and positive things in life - especially these days with very limited in-person communication, all kinds of restrictions, polarisation, social isolation, and higher rate of burn-out and various global challenges.

Yes, there are reasons to be concerned and grumpy, but it is important to stay positive since there are many things to be grateful for. Of course my reasons differ from those of others, but I am grateful for my family (3 adult children and a great wife), awesome friends, freedom, relationship with God, and health.

Also, the ability to exercise outdoors, walk the dog, play games with kids, enjoy a nice BBQ, a great motor ride and working for Nutanix, with a focus on End User Computing, are reasons for me personally to be grateful. "If you love what you do you never have to work a day in your life" applies to me. By the way, a great book to read is "Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World--and Why Things Are Better Than You Think."


I have been active in the EUC industry for many years as a technologist, author (5 books), speaker, community leader, market analyst, consultant, solutions architect, CTO, and an all-round geek. EUC technology for me is extremely exciting--do you know why?

It is technology and people. You and I, we are all using EUC technology on a daily basis in our business and personal lives. It is technology to communicate, collaborate, consume, and design. It also includes innovative devices, modern and classic applications, identity, security, user experience, admin experience, software, infrastructure, and cloud services. EUC is cutting edge, it is the future of work, it is fun! , and it is technology to get work done. Now, wow!

Nutanix EUC Tech Summitโ€‹

One of the many different ways to share our Nutanix EUC excitement with you is to organize an awesome event - Nutanix EUC Tech Summit.

Join us โ€” geeks, nerds, technologists, architects, and decision makers โ€” to learn from EUC veterans about where this space is heading and how to (re)design your future workspaces.

This event is driven by EUC Xperts and contains 10 different sessions.

  • Vision keynote - Leading the way with EUC
  • GeekFest - EUC Demo-only Party!
  • Nutanix EUC Foundation - The World of VDI, DaaS, and more explained
  • EUC industry Leaders in the Hot Seat - A candid interview with Shawn Bass (CTO EUC VMWare), Christian Reilly (former VP and CTO Citrix) and Nikola Bozinovic (founder of Nutanix Frame).
  • Close look at Working Remote during Covid: WFH top expert tips to be healthy, happy, and productive!
  • Nutanix Frame Foundation - What you need to know
  • Nutanix Frame Deep Dive - Architecting a DaaS Solution for AHV and Microsoft Azure
  • Supercharging VDI - A Performance DeepDive
  • Architect for success - VDI Design DeepDive
  • Field deployments - Customers talking Tech with two different customers talking about their VDI/DaaS deployments.

Nutanix EUC Tech Summit is a zero-fluff event designed by and for EUC geeks and visionaries.

Nutanix colleagues, Citrix CTPs, Nutanix Technology Champions NTCs, Microsoft MVPs and VMware vExperts will present and attend this event to share their best EUC insights and answer questions you might have. See you there โ€” this is the way ;-)


Ruben Spruijt
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Ruben Spruijt is Senior Technologist at Nutanix Frame and a well-regarded author, speaker, market analyst, technologist. An all-around End User Computing geek. He contributes to Frame product development, supports customers with their EUC strategy and analyzes EUC technology trends that impacted current and future of work. Ruben is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), NVIDIA GRID Community Advisor and was in the Citrix CTP program and VMware vExpert for 10 years.
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