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About the Authors

    Carsten Puls
    More content created by Carsten Puls
    Carsten has spent over 25 years creating new market categories and building the ecosystems that power them. He founded/co-founded and grew 7 startups pioneering new markets in modular robotics, PXI, PC Blades, desktop virtualization, VDI, Platform-as-a-Service, Desktop-as-a-Service, and cloud. His work spans the evolution of desktop and app virtualization from its earliest days with on-prem infrastructure to today’s hybrid and cloud-based "as-a-Service" offerings.
    David Horvath
    More content created by David Horvath
    David Horvath is a senior solutions architect with Frame. He has been a part of the Frame team for almost five years and prior to that spent 20 years consulting on various information technology projects with the U.S. intelligence community.
    William Wong
    More content created by William Wong
    William is Director, Solutions Architecture for Frame, working with global enterprises and software companies to leverage Frame DaaS in a hybrid and multi-cloud world. William spent thirty years at Cancer Commons, NetDeposit, Hewlett-Packard, VeriFone, and multiple Internet, payment, and eCommerce startups in executive management, program management, engineering, and executive advisory positions. William received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.
    Yangzhi Zhao
    More content created by Yangzhi Zhao
    Yangzhi 'Z' Zhao is the Director of Product Management for Frame. Z brings over 15 years of experience in the end-user computing space. He started his career within Citrix Consulting where he assisted hundreds of customers with their Citrix deployments. Prior to joining Frame, Z was SVP of Business Development for Cloud Nine, a Citrix and VMware partner. After joining Frame in February 2019, Z served as Americas Sales Director for Frame before transitioning over to product management. Z is a graduate of the University of Michigan and currently resides in the Metro Detroit area with his wife and son.
    Jake Norman
    More content created by Jake Norman
    Jake Norman is a Staff Consultant with Nutanix Professional Services. He has been a part of the Professional Services team for three years and prior to that spent 20+ years in a myriad of different environments focusing on EUC and UX work.
    Stefan Gajic
    More content created by Stefan Gajic
    Stefan Gajic is a Solutions Architect with Frame who has worked for various global enterprises and IT companies as a system engineer, technical lead, and solutions architect delivering various Information Technology projects mainly focused on multicloud and hybrid environments. Stefan is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer with the ability to properly impart his Azure expert knowledge to others.
    Dan Simmons
    More content created by Dan Simmons
    Dan Simmons is a Senior Solutions Architect with Frame who has worked in the public and private sector with an extensive background in VDI. A former Citrix employee in technical support, consulting, and system engineering roles. He started at Nutanix as a federal team resident consultant, supporting Citrix VDI workloads, later transitioning to the Frame Solutions Architect team. Dan is also an 82nd airborne infantry paratrooper and combat veteran. Happy father and husband, WWII history buff, amateur no limit Texas hold em poker player, and comic book geek when time permits.
    Thang Nguyen
    More content created by Thang Nguyen
    Thang Nguyen is a Senior Security Engineer with Frame. Prior to joining Frame, he worked as a Cyber Security consultant for the US Department of the Treasury.
    Kevin Cooke
    More content created by Kevin Cooke
    Kevin Cooke is a self-proclaimed EUC nerd and product specialist at Frame Platform, Inc., where he helps organizations reap the transformational benefits of modern desktop architectures. Kevin has also spent some time in the trenches as an IT professional, and as a value-added solution provider, driving virtualization and next-generation data center approaches. Prior to this, he worked as an editor and journalist at a couple of well-known industry publications. Needless to say, he has opinions and isn't afraid to share them.
    Ruben Spruijt
    More content created by Ruben Spruijt
    Ruben Spruijt is Senior Technologist at Frame and a well-regarded author, speaker, market analyst, technologist. An all-around End User Computing geek. He contributes to Frame product development, supports customers with their EUC strategy and analyzes EUC technology trends that impacted current and future of work. Ruben is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), NVIDIA GRID Community Advisor and was in the Citrix CTP program and VMware vExpert for 10 years.
    Justin Emilio
    More content created by Justin Emilio
    Justin Emilio is a Senior Solutions Architect with Frame.
    More content created by Aleksandar Micovic
    More content created by Michael Yannotti
    Michael Yannotti is customer obsessed, and outcome-driven in all aspects of information technology. With a background that spans over 26 years of delivering stable solutions, he is very enthusiastic about understanding business needs, technical architecture, and creating & implementing best practices. Leading with a "doing it right the first time" mentality, constantly learning cutting-edge technologies, and using out-of-the-box philosophies make him a great asset to work with.
    More content created by James Happel
    James Happel is a Systems Engineer with ClearShark. He has been with ClearShark for almost 3 years and prior to that spent 15 years working on various projects with the US Department of Defense.
    More content created by Timothy Strobeck
    More content created by Kilol Surjan
    More content created by Aaron Delp
    More content created by Harsha Kotikela
    Amanda Rhyne
    More content created by Amanda Rhyne
    Jason Thompson
    More content created by Jason Thompson
    Jason is a Solutions Architect and Full-stack Software Engineer for Frame, working with enterprises and software companies along with Frame's robust APIs to deliver delightful end-user experiences. Wielding years of experience with VDI, the Web, a wide variety of APIs and automation, multimedia, and design, Jason has built and contributed to many internal tools and critical aspects of Frame. With help and support of his colleagues, Jason's notable contributions include the introduction of installable PWAs (for applications and desktops on any OS), enhancements to authentication and session start behaviors, OS integrations, admin UX, and sizable chunks of Frame's public documentation, examples, and code for our most valued customers.
    Dominik Conrad
    More content created by Dominik Conrad
    Dominik is a Solutions Architect with Frame who has worked as Delivery Consultant on various Information Technology for big international enterprise company's & educational institutions with focused on virtual Hybrid & HCI environments for VDI & EUC.
    Jason Hudson
    More content created by Jason Hudson
    Jason Hudson is a Technical Solutions Architect at 10ZiG Technology focused on the creation and improvement of 10ZiG technical content such as videos, blogs, webcasts, and tech-support guides.
    More content created by Stratodesk Team
    More content created by Rich Johnson
    Rich Johnson is a senior solutions engineer with Zscaler Technology. He has spent the past 30 years working in the networking and computer security industry supporting the US Department of Defense.
    Omar Kechrid
    More content created by Omar Kechrid
    Omar Kechrid is the VP of Business Development for ZeeTim. He leads sales and marketing, building partnerships and alliances, and community outreach. Omar is an EUC industry veteran having spent almost 20 years working with vendors in this space. Omar holds an Information Systems Degree from University of Maryland, Baltimore County , and an MBA from Loyola University in Maryland. He has 2 boys, loves to travel, and explore new places, and his biggest passion is playing and coaching soccer.